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Johns very varied workbench

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 04, 2017 2:11 pm    Post subject: Johns very varied workbench Reply with quote

Hi All,
As used to be the introduction to "Stingray" or some similar Gerry Anderson catoon, "Anything can happen in the next half hour"!
Well, anything can happen on here! What modelling I have managed to do is all too often for other people, as indeed is this 'piece' but for once, I managed to photograph the process.
My club (Leigh) has a rather nice colliery layout called "Bickersleigh", a contraction of Bickershaw and Leigh and one of my dear colleagues, Roy had been trying to make a curved turnout for the hidden sidings - out of old pieces of set track! To be fair to him, he had done a good job - given what he had to work with.
However, the starting point was simply not good enough (who on earth had suggested using set track?) so I decided to build a working turnout from scratch, using copperclad and rescued code 100 as it had to match the remainder of the layout. Due to the position of this point, it is critical to the operation of the layout. All this and there is just barely five weeks until our exhibition so I couldn't hang around.
I had no time to mess around with 'Templot' and I can't use it anyway so I simply made the measurements required by taking a 'rubbing' of the old point by pressing hard all over a sheet of A4 paper!
Once at home, I added some additional working onto this;

Really rough, eh?
I didn't even have any 4mm copperclad sleeper strip to hand so I used 7mm stuff instead. I actually thought it might be thicker and help match the original Peco code 100.

About an hours filing produced a reasonable crossing vee;

I stuck the sleepers to the paper with Pritstick and left them overnight then started soldering the vee into position;

I had quite a bit of trouble making and getting the wing rails for the vee set into position, I don't know what I did wrong there but carried on with then setting the switches into position, from where I could then calculate where the stock rails fit;

A couple of steps later and the point was more or less ready!

I used 'marigold' gloves while I scrubbed all the flux off (in the sink, with boiling water) and of course, safety glasses while I gapped the sleepers and it was ready to be taken to the club. I gave it a quick test by rolling a selection of wagons through beforehand and thankfully even that big gap at the vee, doesn't seem to be a problem (fingers crossed).
All I could get done at club was lift the old point and fit the new but it seems to work okay. Just have to motorise it and wire it now.

What do you think of my first point, please? I had a group tuition at the Manchester MRS where I got less than half a P4 point built and that didn't work and that's all I've ever done (apart from plain track). My only special track building tools were a code 100 roller gauge and the American RP25 'Standards Gage'
John E.

My club's exhibition: http://forum.mtimag.co.uk/viewtopic.php?p=14851#14851
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 04, 2017 7:19 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

You disappoint me John, there is nothing wrong with Setrack, assuming it is Peco. For a sharp curved point try to find one of the original Peco ones which were ist radius.

It is a good effort, but I prefer the easier option of r2r points. I could design an inset version for 3D printing easily.
Simon Dawson
Will try anything once, looking for the ultimate easy to set up portable exhibition layout, preferably French narrow gauge and with lots going on, not necessary on the rails.

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